My Mulish Conviction

No one *really* means it when they agree with my assertion that the garden is the one thing that is absolutely going to make this house.

People who merely pay lip service to the idea:

  1. Architects
  2. Quantity Surveyors
  3. Structural Engineers
  4. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Consultants
  5. Builders
  6. Husbands

It’s all “Er um yes, of course, incredibly important” until it is discovered that the invert level of the sewage mains to which we need to link is at a higher level than expected, necessitating a pump – at some additional £5k –  at the end of our run into the mains sewer*.  Then, to a man, the unspoken consensus from all of the above is that the logical place from which this £5k shall be appropriated is the landscaping budget.

So it’s just me, with my increasingly ratty and stubborn conviction that spending 1/20th of the house budget on the immediate setting for the house will lift our already glorious proposed new house design into new realms of drool-making loveliness.

And now there’s this blog – so now there’s you, too.

*In fairness, I don’t imagine there are too many people who take the line: “Ah no let’s not bother with that.  What’s the worst that could happen?”

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